This portion of The SafeHaven Campaign focuses on supporting women battling addiction.

The long term goal of the Rehabilitation portion of the SafeHaven Campaign is to provide a temporary live-in facility where women can receive faith-based, Christ-centered recovery under the supervision of a medical advisory board and pastoral counselors. Finding freedom from drug addiction requires more than willpower, it requires community – a “safe haven” – to steal away from the environment that makes it difficult to break the cycle of addiction.

We are actively raising funds to complete our live-in facility. If you would like to contribute, all donations are tax-deductible and can be made online here or by texting 316 – 333 – SAFE. If you have any questions about giving towards the project, email us at
The short term goal of the Rehabilitation portion of the Safehaven Campaign is to build relationships with women struggling with addiction and providing them with community and resources.   Our goal is total, long-term recovery of women battling addiction
We offer free, annual banquets in honor of women in need. At each banquet, we strive to provide a loving, judgment-free environment where she will receive dinner, pampering, educational information by medical professionals, prayer and counseling. Childcare is provided at the banquets, free of charge. 
If you know of /or are a woman battling addiction and would like prayer, click here. You can also register for free for the next banquet by emailing