Prevention + Awareness
The Prevention + Awareness portion of the Safehaven Campaign focuses on high school, junior high, and upper elementary students (also referred to as “Generation Z”). 
THE LONG-TERM GOAL of the Prevention and Awareness portion of the Safehaven Campaign strategy is to have billboards in every city of West Virginia, television and radio commercials, a strong social media and internet presence with organic growth, and Millennial and Generation Z advocates teaching Safehaven Drug Prevention curricula in every school system. 
Similar to the anti-smoking campaign strategy of the 90’s (which drastically reduced the number of teen tobacco use), we desire to use peer and celebrity influence, combined with “in-your-face” realities of recreational and prescription drug abuse, to create a stigma among Gen-Z students that stimulates a youth outcry against drug participation. 
Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ 
Jeremiah 1:7a
We desire to create a movement that shows the next generation the ugly side of drug addiction before they are ever tempted with it. We want to use the force of peer-to-peer influence, equipping students to save their own generation, and in turn save our state. We believe our greatest weapon is their voice. 
THE SHORT-TERM GOAL of the Prevention and Awareness portion of the Safehaven Campaign strategy is to start a social media campaign called “NotUs.” This media-driven campaign will employ the hashtags #NotUs and #SaveWV and will also be linked to our youth website
Teenagers are passionate, positive and energetic. They are driven by media and can rapidly spread information they care about. Youth believe they can change the world and make a difference. We do too. We are going to help them do it. 
NotUs is a youth-led media campaign launching in August of 2018. NotUs will utilize poignant stories from former and current addicts, testimonials from physicians and parents of children born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), as well as Generation Z students willing to be a part of standing up for the movement. 
The last generation opened the door to drug addiction and left West Virginia in a state of disaster… NOT US.
WE WILL be the generation that ends drug addiction in West Virginia. 
We will #SAVEWV.
To find out more about our social media campaign, visit our sister site here. You can also follow us on social media. Don’t forget to share your story, by tagging us using the hashtag #NotUs and #SaveWV.